KABOOM! The Boy Wonder has been blasted to Kingdom Come by that archvillain, The Joker, but the real force behind the demise of the younger half of the Dynamic Duo was - Gasp! - the readers of Batman comics.

Robin was tied up and blown away by that laughing lout, The Joker, recently named Iran's U.N. ambassador, after a two-day telephone poll of readers dropped the ax on the Boy Wonder by a narrow margin, Batman editor Dennis O'Neil told the Daily News.The Daily News reported Thursday that Batman will be seen carrying Robin's lifeless body after a fatal blast engineered by The Joker.

"I wondered about how the readers really felt about Jason Todd (The ill-fated Robin)," O'Neil told the News. "So for two days last month we conducted a telephone poll to let them decide whether Robin lived or died in an explosion that ended one comic book."

But, while it was a close call, apparently there was no love lost between Batman readers and the Boy Wonder - they voted 5,343 to 5,271 to blast him into comic book oblivion, O'Neil said.

Todd was the second Robin character in the comic books, joining Batman's battle against bad guys shortly after Dick Grayson, the first Robin, left Batman to become Nightwing, leader of the "Teen Titans," another hit comic.

O'Neil says there may be a third Robin, one who fights crime and sexism. Stay tuned . . . same Bat Time, same Bat channel.