The dumping of trash from private vehicles will now take place at a landfill near the burn plant near Hill Air Force Base instead of at the burn plant itself.

The trash will then be loaded into bins at the landfill, owned by the Davis County Solid Waste Management and Energy Recovery Special Service District, and taken to the burn plant by a contractor working for the district.The diversion, effective immediately, was necessitated by the large number of vehicles using the facility and their impact on commercial garbage haulers who were being forced to wait as long as one hour before being able to dump their load.

Officials feared the congestion at the plant could lead to an accident. Also, the liability risk was increasing.

Board Chairman Jay Dewell said the contractor operating the facility for the district has agreed to ensure that all dump bins taking ash to the landfill would not return to the plant without loading up with trash dumped by the private vehicles at the landfill. Officials hope to get all burnable waste to the plant and ease congestion there.

Expandded hours at the landfill are being considered to accommodate private vehicles and give city residents more time in the evening to haul trash.

By opening later, the additional evening hours could be accommodated without increasing personnel costs at the site, officials said. A decision will likely come at the board's April 27 meeting.