Just like the pioneers who came to Utah more than 140 years ago, Greg Baker - the founder of a new software company in Orem - is a pioneer in his own right, the company's advertising director said.

Dana Robinson of Adonis International introduced Baker at a press conference Monday saying, "He came from the other side of the world to the promised land where the software business is booming."Baker, chief executive officer of Adonis, recently moved his Australian company to Utah County. He is the developer of an accounting software program that was widely used in Australia for more than a decade.

His company - known as Data-lynx in Australia - will now be known as Adonis International. Adonis will market software developed by Baker that allows a business to check payables, receivables, payroll and purchasing accounts in a matter of seconds to see where they stand financially.

Robinson said, "He established his business here because this is the place to be for software."

Richard Logsdon, Baker's brother-in-law and president of Adonis, played a major role in helping bring the company to Utah County.

Logsdon agreed with Robinson. "This is the place to come. We have a dedicated work force and there is a great deal of talent in the area."

Adonis currently employs 16 people and hopes to increase that to 25 by the end of the year.

"What WordPerfect has done with word processing and what Novell has done with networking we aim to do with business accounting software," Baker said. "We know where we are going and what we have to do to get there."

Adonis is presently marketing throughout the country and plans to start marketing internationally in January, he said. The company is looking toward having a $100 million income in five years time.