To the editor:

The Executive Board, Board of Directors, and the Advisory Boards of the Federation for Drug-Free Youth, comprised of over 100 members, wish to take a stand against the three tax initiatives on the Nov. 8 ballot. Our membership is comprised of private citizens from the professional/business community who serve as volunteers in the interest of Utah Youth.We feel that the passage of these initiatives would severely curb the hard-won drug programs we have championed. It would minimize the K-12 drug education program in the schools and would cripple the programs and services to families in need and high-risk youth. It would most certainly impede the efforts of prevention specialists and law enforcement agencies.

The gains have been made state-wide by many volunteers and professionals in the prevention of drug abuse by our young will certainly be lost if educational programs and resources are dried up because of indiscriminate budgetary cutbacks because of the initiatives.

Eilene Marchand, president

Utah Federation for Drug-Free Youth