Veteran state Rep. Ray Schmutz, R-St. George, has been drafted by a citizens group to run for re-election as a write-in candidate following his defeat in the Sept. 13 Republican primary.

Barbara Christian, chairwoman of the write-in campaign, contends Robert Slack, the GOP nominee in House District 75, does not truly represent the Republican Party because he engineered a Democratic cross-over vote in the primary.Christian produced copies of letters sent by Slack to educators and public employees urging them to "raid the polls."

Slack, in the letters Christian said he acknowledged writing, also pledged "to do all I can to win decent salaries for public employees."

Slack is Washington City mayor and is employed as a Dixie Junior College history instructor. His Democratic opponent in the Nov. 8 election is Rick Palmer, a public school teacher.

Christian contends Schmutz, a six-term House member who lost the primary by less than 4 percent of the vote, is the "true representative" of Washington County Republicans.

But Slack said Schmutz's candidacy will split the GOP and boost the chances of a Democratic victory.

Slack said he makes no apologies for trying to obtain a cross-over vote in the runoff, saying it is a common practice and completely ethical and legal.