The Soviet Union has deployed about 30 MiG-27s, advanced ground attack jets for use in offensive operations, in Afghanistan, The New York Times reported Saturday.

Quoting unnamed State Department officials, the Times said the United States was weighing protesting the action to Moscow, which agreed under the April Geneva accords to pursue military actions only to protect its troops during the withdrawal from Afhanistan.The Times said the reasons for stationing the planes in Afghanistan were unclear, but noted the deployment coincides with the most serious political shakeup there since Afghan President Najibullah came to power in May 1986. The action also comes in the wake of several major military operations by the Afghan guerrillas, the report said.

However, a Pentagon official familiar with the deployment told the Times he believes the planes were stationed in Afghanistan "in conjunction with the preparation of the next phase of withdrawal" to protect Soviet troops fleeing attacks by Afghan guerrillas.