Aided by an extremely strong performance by the Winter Olympics, CBS smashed the competition in the ratings last week.

Prime time coverage of the Olympics finished in seven of the top 10 spots in the weekly Nielsen rankings, and another CBS show - "60 Minutes" - was No. 1.For the week, the Big Eye won all seven nights, 20 of the 21 prime time hours and won by a huge margin over the other two networks. CBS averaged a 19.3 rating and a 30 share, NBC a 11.9/19 and ABC a 11.5/18. (Each ratings point represents about 921,000 homes, and the share is the percentage of homes actually watching TV that are tuned in.)

CBS' margin of victory was so great it added four-tenths of a rating point to its season-to-date lead over NBC, which stands at 1.4 points. ABC trails by 1.9 points. CBS leads the February sweeps by 4.8 points over NBC and 6.3 points over ABC.

Here are the top 20 shows for the week ending Feb. 16: 1. "60 Minutes," CBS; 2. Olympics (Tuesday), CBS; 3. Olympics (Sunday), CBS; 4. Olympics (Thursday), CBS; 5. Olympics (Monday), CBS; 6. Olympics (Saturday), CBS; 7. "Roseanne," ABC; 8. "Home Improvement," ABC; 9. Olympics (Friday), CBS; 10. Olympics (Wednesday), CBS.