A Philadelphia doctor faces probation for selling human heads. Witches predict Ronald Reagan will win a third term as governor. A seance is planned by a group of mediums in Wisconsin to chat with Harry Houdini. Batman is hanging around in Chicago.

And in Detroit, police and firefighters are trying to keep "Devil's Night" revelers from burning the place down.It must be getting close to Halloween.

Six years of probation and 1,600 hours of community service are ahead for an elderly doctor who pleaded no contest to charges of selling human heads and other body parts.

Dr. Martin Spector, 72, an eye, ear, nose and throat specialist from Philadelphia, also was ordered Friday to pay the maximum fine of $35,200 and to suspend his paid practice until he has completed at least 300 hours of community work.

Spector's lawyer, Joel Slomsky, said the doctor only was attempting to help other doctors in their training by making body parts available.

The case came to light in August 1986 when a United Parcel Service worker in Louisville, Ky., discovered five severed heads inside a leaking box that was addressed to a Colorado research center. Spector and four others were charged three months later.

At the time of his arrest, police said Spector had been buying body parts from dieners - people who sew up bodies after autopsies - since 1976, although the doctor said later in a court hearing he had been dealing in parts for 20 years.

America's witches, meanwhile, are out with their annual Halloween predictions for 1989. They see Nancy Reagan on "Hollywood Squares," Elvis Presley inside the Kremlin and the Japanese buying the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The wacky predictions reported Friday were made in the 15th annual poll of 310 witches by the New York Center for the Strange.

The misty glimpses in the crystal balls also forecast that building tycoon Donald Trump will announce plans to rebuild the Great Wall of China, and Dr. Ruth Westheimer will run for mayor of New York.

They also predicted that George Bush will win the presidential election, and Ronald Reagan will run for a third term as governor of California. Stay tuned.

In Milwaukee, admirers of Harry Houdini plan to gather at a secret location in Appleton, Wis., at midnight Sunday where they hope a seance will tune them into the famous escape artist and magician who died 62 years ago on Halloween.