-Newcomers to Salt Lake often ask, "What does Utah have to offer an artist, collector and/or gallerygoer?" Few longtime residents have all the answers. As a result, a lot of time is wasted piecing together bits of information.

Hopefully the following will help newcomers - and oldtimers as well - to put together the pieces of the Utah visual arts puzzle.How many art museums are there?

Five. Two are located on university campuses: the Utah Museum of Fine Arts at the University of Utah and the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art at Utah State University. The other three are the Museum of Church History and Art in downtown Salt Lake, the Springville Museum of Art, and the Brigham City Museum-Gallery. Not only do they exhibit works from their permanent collections, but they spotlight local and traveling shows as well.

How many art centers are there in Utah?

Four: the Salt Lake Art Center, the Bountiful/Davis Art Center, the Eccles Community Art Center in Ogden and the Kimball Art Center in Park City. The centers rotate new shows about monthly.

Where can I go to take art classes?

In addition to colleges and universities, a variety of art classes are available at the four art centers listed above; also at King's Cottage Gallery, Oyler's School of Art, Pioneer Craft House; and, for children at Lallapaloosa and the Visual Art Institute.

Are there any local art organizations?

Yes, there are three main ones: the Associated Utah Artists (AUA), Raymond C. Edvalson, president (467-3265); the Intermountain Society of Artists (ISA), Kaye Greenhalgh, president (966-1504); and the Utah Watercolor Society (UWS), Shirley McKay, president (486-6861).

Where can I find a list of local art galleries?

Look under art galleries in your US WEST Direct Yellow Pages. Also, gallery listings are printed every Sunday in this section of the Deseret News.

Where can I exhibit my work?

If you want to be represented by a gallery, you'll have to make personal contact. Some of the newer galleries are in the market for works by talented artists.

If you want to have a one-man show or to share exhibition space with another artist, you should contact the Atrium Gallery (Salt Lake Public Library); the Finch Lane Gallery (old Art Barn); the Hallside Gallery (U. of U.'s Health Sciences Center); the Loge Gallery (upstairs in the U.'s Pioneer Memorial Theatre); and the Pioneer Craft House. Other possibilities would be libraries, restaurants and stores. Check gallery listings in this section for specific ones.

Each year, artists can enter works in a number of local and statewide competitions: the Salt Lake County Fair, the Utah State Fair, the Deseret News Art Show, Springville Museum of Art's April Salon, the Utah Art Council's statewide shows - and many others. Keep your eye on "call for entries" that follow the gallery listings in the Sunday Deseret News.

Where can I go to get some artwork appraised?

Try Allen Dodworth Fine Arts Appraisal, Antique & Fine Art Appraisals, Gallery 56, Tivoli Gallery - to name a few.

Where can I find traditional artwork by local artists?

There are a number of fine galleries that carry this work. Some of them are Gallery 56, King's Cottage, Marble House, Southam, Sullivan/Saxton and Tivoli Galleries. In Park City, there are the Lido, Meyer and Old Town Galleries.

For works by early Utah artists, stop by Gallery 56 or F. Weixler Co.

Where can I find contemporary artwork?

Several downtown galleries deal with this kind of art - Dolores Chase Fine Art, the Gayle Weyher and the Phillips Gallery. The Phillips Gallery has expanded into two new galleries on Pierpont Avenue - the Courtyard and the Pierpont Galleries.

Is there a gallery that focuses solely on crafts?

Yes. The Utah Designer/Craftsmen Gallery. Each month, works by two of their craftsmen are featured. Crafts by other gallery regulars can be seen there.

What galleries carry western and wildlife art?

The Sullivan/Saxton Galleries and the Marble House Gallery in downtown Salt Lake.

Have any new galleries opened recently?

Yes. The Sego Gallery at Trolley Square, the Master Galleries at Cottonwood Mall, the Richens Art Exhibits at Fashion Place Mall, and the Rock Barn Gallery in Farmington.

How much does it cost to see shows in museums, art centers and galleries?

Generally speaking, there is no charge to view exhibits, unless a blockbuster exhibit comes to town. However, at some of Utah's museums and art centers, donations are encouraged. And there is a charge to enter the Children's Museum of Utah and the McCurdy Historical Doll Museum (Provo).

Who are some of top Utah artists and where can I buy their works?

LeConte Stewart - Bountiful/Davis Art Center; Doug Snow - Phillips Gallery; Wulf Barsch - Dolores Chase Fine Arts; Richard Murray - Southam Gallery; Gary Smith - Meyer Gallery (Park City); Clark Bronson - Sullivan/Saxton Gallery; Valoy Eaton - F. Weixler Gallery; Dennis Smith - Gallery 56; Trevor Southey - Old Town Gallery (Park City); Bonnie Sucec - Gayle Weyher Gallery.

Due to space limitations, some of the above lists are incomplete. But hopefully there is sufficient information to help you put together a more accurate picture of the visual art scene here in Utah.