Fred Rompelberg of Holland crashed Sunday at nearly 150 mph during an attempt on the world land speed record for bicycles, breaking several bones in a terrifying 580-foot slide along the Bonneville Salt Flats, officials said.

It was the second time in less than two weeks Rompelberg's quest for the record has put him in the hospital.A nursing supervisor at Salt Lake City's LDS Hospital said the cyclist was in serious but stable condition after breaking six ribs, his collarbone and his right thumb, as well as suffering numerous scrapes and bruises. None of the injuries was life threatening.

In speed record attempts, the cyclist peddles just a few feet behind a car that breaks wind for the rider. Rompelberg's attempts have been thwarted by problems with the car, which has had trouble staying in a straight line over the salt.

Rompelberg said he would like to return next spring for another attempt at the record.