Citing the effects it would have on its ability to provide services, the Davis County Mental Health board recently voted to oppose two tax initiatives on the upcoming Nov. 8 ballot.

The trustees unanimously voted to oppose initiatives A and B, saying their passage would result in a 16 percent reduction, or $400,000, in the county's mental-health budget.That would result in more than 400 people being cut off from mental-health services, the board said, calling the reduction counterproductive.

Many of those cut off would require treatment instead at long-term, inpatient facilities, which is more expensive than the outpatient, community-based residential services being provided now.

"As a board, we strongly feel initiatives A and B are not in the best interests of the mentally ill," said board chairman Steve Smith. "We must do more, not less, for those who suffer the debilitating effects of these serious disorders.

"We urge the voters of Davis County to join in opposition to initiatives A and B," he said.