Scientists studying a 2,300-year-old mummy purchased from a Detroit pawnbroker concluded the ancient subject was a run-of-the-mill Egyptian in his 30s who was losing his reddish hair when he died and likely didn't do drugs.

His name was Iret-Irew."We didn't find anything that would indicate the use of a drug. If this individual was a junkie, he used some stuff that didn't survive," toxicologist David Stafford said.

Stafford and several other University of Tennessee at Memphis scientists presented their findings Thursday. Memphis State University, which loaned Tennessee the mummy, bought it in 1986 from the pawnbroker. Scientists determined Iret-Irew was 5 feet tall, about 130 pounds, and had reddish hair and facial stubble. He showed a male balding pattern "which is still common in his part of the world," forensic pathologist O.C. Smith said.