The Utah County auditor's office has dispelled rumors that tax money is being misused or misappropriated by the Mountainlands Association of Governments.

At the request of the Utah County Commission, auditors reviewed Mountainlands' accounting rec-ords for the fiscal year that ended in June."The effort was directed at primarily satisfying ourselves that there was no major misuse or shortage of funds and that the accounting and reporting system appeared adequate for the circumstances," Utah County Auditor J. Bruce Peacock said in a written report to the commission.

"Based on our review, we believe that the allegations made against Mountainlands Association of Governments of major misuse and misappropriation of funds is without merit. We found nothing in our examination to lend credence to any such charge."

Peacock said the charges surfaced after someone complained of misuse of funds to the local media. He said the Mountainlands review didn't constitute a complete audit, but the agency's accounting procedures are much better than the system that was in place at the scandal-tainted Timpanogos Community Mental Health Center.

"Based on our review and investigation, we did not discover anything of a material nature which indicated any misuse or shortage of funds," Peacock said. "Overall, the expenditures were well

documented. The accounting records were complete and well kept."

The review, however, revealed that the local Job Training Partnership Act agency had overcommitted available funding by $60,000. As a result, a Salt Lake accounting firm was commissioned to perform a separate audit of JTPA funds.

Recommendations are being implemented that are expected to prevent a similar problem in the future, Peacock said.