Shiite Moslem extremists holding U.S. hostages repeated their long-standing demands for the Americans' release in a new statement, threatening reprisal if the demands are not met.

The message Sunday was the second threatening statement in three days from the pro-Iranian Islamic Jihad, which holds American journalist Terry Anderson and educator Thomas Sutherland.The three-page typewritten Arabic statement was delivered to the independent newspaper An-Nahar. A color photograph of Anderson was delivered later to a Western news agency in Beirut - the kidnappers' normal method of authenticating statements.

The picture showed Anderson, chief Middle East correspondent for The Associated Press, with a bushy beard and mustache. He wore a T-shirt and looked straight into the camera. It was similar to photographs of Anderson released released April 10, 1987, and on Friday.

The statement demanded:

"A - Release of all our mujahedeen (holy warriors) from all Arab and foreign jails.

"B - Release of all Lebanese and Palestinian Mujahedeen from Israeli jails in the occupied lands and its surrogates in south Lebanon's border enclave and (Christian) east Beirut.

"C - Withdrawal of all Israeli forces and their surrogates from south Lebanon without any conditions.

"D - Non-intervention in Lebanese domestic affairs and the discontinuation of support for partitionist, isolationist and sectarian forces in Lebanon.

"E - Reconstruction of south Lebanon and Beirut. And payment of war reparations to all our oppressed people in Lebanon."

"In case of failure to meet these demands and continued support of Israel's aggression against our people the United States will pay the price very soon. This price will reflect adversely on the fate of the hostages we hold," it said.

Islamic Jihad has made similar demands in the past but never combined them all in one statement.