The Social Security Administration has developed a new system that will provide individuals upon request with a new "Personal Earnings and Benefit Statement."

That statement lists Social Security earnings, including a yearly breakdown from 1951. It will also give an estimate of future Social Security retirement benefits, plus disability and survivors benefits should they die or become disabled this year.The statement also gives the number of credits the worker needs to be insured for each type of benefit and the credits currently on their record.

The new service will be a viable tool for workers to verify their posted earnings and to learn the amount of taxes paid on their earnings. It will also explain what they can expect in the way of Social Security protection for themselves when they retire and for their family should they die or become disabled.

It will also aid in long-term financial planning.

Workers can get their statements by completing an SSA Form 7004 "Request for Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement." Forms can be obtained by calling the Consumer Information Center, 1-800-937-2000.