Nine students in Brigham Young University's College of Engineering and Technology have been selected to receive scholarships from the Clyde Scholarship Foundation.

Recipients are selected annually by the college dean and representatives of the Clyde family. Eight of this year's awards cover full tuition costs; one covers half tuition.Winners are: Cliff W. Berkey, a freshman from Provo; Karl R. Cannon, a senior civil engineering major from Orem; Scott A. Conlin, a junior electronics major from Soda Springs, Idaho; Brian L. Hayden, a senior from Pocatello, Idaho; Scott A. Jackson, a sophomore from Canton, Ohio; Victor M. Lopez, a sophomore electronics major from Aguascaliente, Mexico (who received the half-tuition award); Donald K. Roper, a senior chemical engineering major from American Fork; David M. Sefcik, a senior mechanical engineering major from Calgary, Alberta, Canada; and Joel D. Woodward, a senior electronics major from Terre Haute, Ind.

Students are chosen on the basis of scholarship, financial need, demonStrated ability in engineering and commitment to maintaining high standards of service and personal morality.

Mr. and Mrs. Wilford W. Clyde have made substantial philanthropic gifts to a educational, scientific, religious and cultural institutions, including BYU, the University of Utah and Utah State University.