"My life would be different if I couldn't read. I love to read stories and literature, so that makes it even more difficult.

"I read Braille most of the time, but occasionally, I read large print. It sometimes is aggravating to not know what a sign or a label says when you need to know."If I couldn't read Braille or even print, I would be very embarrassed. Reading is a very important subject to me. My life would be so different that I would feel so low I couldn't stand it.

"I read something every day of my life. It may just be a letter from a pen pal, or a scripture reading. I cannot stop reading.

"I feel left out because I can't read a lot of the print most people read. It is embarrassing to ask someone, `Can you read this to me?' I also feel left out at school. Lots of people get notes from their friends. I can't get any because I can't see.

"Another conflict with reading is getting a successful career. I am a very skilled person, but a lot of people in the work force will not accept me because I can't read the print, tell what kind of a bill a customer gives me or which (telephone) line to pick up.

"What these people don't understand is that I do have some light perception. I can see contrast and can tell the faces of money. For example, the one dollar bill has the guy with the long hair. And the five dollar bill has the guy with the beard. There are other ways that I can tell also.

"If I couldn't read, I would be a total failure. Luckily, a lot of people know me for my brightness and cheerfulness and determined attitude. These people know I can read in my own way. They have seen me read from a voice box on the computer or a letter written in large black print.

"My life would be very disappointing if I couldn't read. It may not seem so important now, but in the future it will count more and more. If you read everything well, you can be more successful.