One of the nation's leading newspaper brokers will speak at a Brigham Young University Communications Symposium Thursday.

R. Gary Gomm, of R. Gary Gomm & Co., Inc., a firm that represents publishing and broadcasting companies, will speak at 11 a.m. in the Pardoe Theater, Harris Fine Arts Center.Based in San Antonio, Texas, Gomm & Co. specializes in mergers, acquisitions and valuations of media companies throughout the world. The firm has advised, among others, CBS, Capital Cities Communications, McGraw Hill, The Detroit News, Metromedia, Rupert Murdoch and Pulitzer Publishing.

Since 1972, the firm has participated in more than 60 transactions representing daily and weekly newspapers, metropolitan newspapers and entire newspaper groups with circulations that total several million.

It has also negotiated the sales of radio and television stations, cable properties and commercial printing plants.

Usually handling one to two transactions each year, Gomm says most of his purchases are smaller newspapers owned by fourth- and fifth-generation families who no longer have an interest in the papers.