A few weeks ago, I published this shocking revelation in this very column: The Salt Lake Police Department - in its transfer to a new-and-improved building - had neglected us members of the Greater Metropolitan Salt Lake City Police Reporters Press Corps(e), simply known as GMSLCPRPC(e).

Those of us who daily and cheerfully spin tales of murder, rape and robbery felt we had been similarly abused by those who had divvied up floor space in the nice, new police building.This column bemoaned the fact that we were tucked away in a cavelike room just beyond obscurity in a spooky corridor, right across from where brooms and stuff are stored. I complained that the room was not roomy and, furthermore, was devoid of windows.

Wipe away those tears and cry no more, for our new police chief, Mike Chabries, in a serious moment of official weakness, has hearkened to our whining and provided the GMSLCPRPC(e) a real Press Room, just like in the movies.

For those of you who would like to visit, it's on the fourth floor of the new Salt Lake City Public Safety Building (SLCPSB), 315 E. Second South. The press room is sandwiched comfortably between the offices of the Police Labor Union, where one comes to complain about low salaries, and the police chaplain, where one comes to confess.

The new-and-improved press room is slightly larger than the proposed press cave, but at least it's located in a portion of the building inhabited by human (for the most part) beings. More importantly, it has windows, which are convenient to leap from should it ever come to that on a slow news day. Panes of glass were also necessary to my Salt Lake Tribune colleague Mike Carter, who recently acquired a cool Grateful Dead window sticker.

With every victory, though, there comes a high price: The small room that was originally to be for the press has been assigned to the "watch commanders," a motley collection of lieutenants upon whom we police reporters depend heavily for news and information.

Human nature what it is, those guys probably aren't going to like us anymore.

However, to demonstrate their love and sincere sorrow for mistreating us, Chabries (pro-nounced "Chief") and company threw a little party for us last week. It was a fun party, even if several of the watch commanders were sulking and sneering in the corner.

There was cake and punch and a framed resolution, signed by Chabries, that read: "WHEREAS the Salt Lake Police Department is very proud of our new home, thrives on excellence, bordering on perfection, (and) made its first major mistake by not acknowledging the press and its needs in our new facility; BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED we officially surrender to the members of the press and hereby dedicate our first official party to them."

This gracious act of good will and diplomacy was appreciated. Of course, it won't stop us from irritating police officers and administrators in our quest for truth, light, justice and a good story.

But we have all vowed to at least spell their names correctly.