Salt Lake County flood control crews worked in waist-deep water Friday afternoon to pump thousands of gallons of water from an electrical control room in the basement of Salt Palace convention facilities where a water pipe burst. A county electrician discovered 4 feet of water in the 80-by-100-foot room about 10:30 a.m., County Administrative Services Director John Rosenthal said, blaming a broken fire line for the spill. Electricity to the entire complex, including the arena and Symphony Hall, was shut off as a precautionary measure. Power to the arena was restored in time for a Utah Jazz game at 7:30 p.m. By early afternoon, crews had installed three pumps to bring water up into a service alley behind Symphony Hall, at left, where water ran down the street and into a storm drain. "It's good we got on it before it got up to the (circuit) breakers," Rosenthal said. The flood disrupted the Total Woman Conference Friday at Convention Hall.