Midvale's fire chief has asked the City Council to consider a $230,000 expansion of the city's fire station.

The proposal, introduced this week, would include the demolition of an old section of the station and constructing a 5,000-square-foot addition to house needed rest rooms, training area, kitchen and sleeping quarters, Chief Merrill Ross said.The city had planned to earthquake-proof the old section of the fire station for $50,000, but Ross said he believes the expansion plan is more cost-effective. Also, the fire station is already cramped and no rest rooms are available for women who may soon be joining the force.

However, Councilman George Deneris said he wants the reasons more clearly defined.

"We need to justify the expansion. I have heard no justification," he said, "We also need to address the merits of a second fire station east of the freeway."

City Engineer Duane Goodyear proposed that the shell of the new building could be built and gradually finished as money is available.

The council will consider whether to fund the preparation of preliminary design after Ross reports on the needs of the fire department.