Here is a glance at the personnel changes made in top Communist Party and governmental bodies at meetings of the policy-making Central Committee and the Supreme Soviet:

-Andrei A. Gromyko and Mikhail S. Solomentsev were retired from the ruling Politburo. Gromyko also retired as Soviet president and was replaced by party boss Mikhail S. Gorbachev. Solomentsev was replaced by Latvian party boss Boris Pugo as head of the Party Control Commission, which investigates breaches of discipline in party ranks.-Vadim A. Medvedev, a Communist Party secretary, was named a full Politburo member.

-Two alternate, or non-voting, members of the Politburo, Vladimir I. Dolgikh and Pyotr N. Demichev, were retired. Demichev was replaced as vice president by Anatoly I. Lukyanov.

-Three new alternate Politburo members were appointed: Alexandra P. Biryukova, the highest-ranking woman in the Soviet hierarchy; Lukyanov, a Central Committee secretary; and Interior Minister Alexander V. Vlasov, the nation's top policeman. Biryukova and Lukyanov lost their jobs as party secretaries, but Biryukova was named deputy prime minister.

-Former ambassador to the United States, Anatoly F. Dobrynin, retired from his position as a secretary of the Central Committee.

-KGB chief Viktor M. Chebrikov was made a secretary of the Central Committee to go along with his Politburo status. Vladimir A. Kryuchkov was named by the Supreme Soviet to replace him as head of the KGB.

-Ivan V. Kapitonov, the head of the party's Central Auditing Commission, was retired.

-Nikolai V. Talyzin was removed as first deputy prime minister and made top Soviet envoy to the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance, the trade bloc grouping the Soviet Union and its allies.

-The Supreme Soviet also retired Alexei K. Antonov, a deputy prime minister.