When Lord Byron wrote about "music in its roar," he most certainly did not have in mind the ear-splitting blast that erupts from auto stereos of some young drivers.

That blaring sound can be especially irritating to other motorists who don't share the offending driver's musical taste or lack thereof. A backlash is starting to set it, and it's about time.Members of the Florida Legislature have had all they can take of so-called "boom boxes." In a unanimous vote this week, they passed out of committee a bill that would outlaw such loud music.

Florida residents have been complaining about young drivers cruising through town with radios at full volume, making the air throb with heavy metal rock. Older citizens, clutching their ears, said the noise was intolerable. Anyone who has had such a car pull alongside, knows the instinctive cringe in reaction to the painful assault of sound.

Under the Florida measure, motorists whose radios can be clearly heard more than 50 feet from the car may be hit with a $32 ticket. The law would not apply to portable stereos, also known as "ghetto blasters" or "boom boxes" carried by pedestrians, but one can't have everything.

Another poet, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, once wrote of "music that gentler on the spirit lies." The Florida Legislature seems to have gotten the message. Utah lawmakers, are you listening?