The Utah Broadcasters Association and the Utah High School Activities Association have reached an agreement on future high school post-season games, and it may affect the number broadcast.

After considerable negotiation, the UHSAA has agreed to accept promotional announcements in lieu of the fee normally charged for broadcasting rights to post-season games, according to UBA Director Doug Barton. (Barton is also manager of Manti stations KMTI/KMXU).In recent years, a fee of $40 per game or event was charged to each radio station that broadcasted a post-season high school sporting event.

But under this new agreement, stations that broadcast a post-season sporting event (that's under UHSAA sponsorship) will be required to broadcast at least 40 promotional announcements prior to and during the sports competition that the station will be covering.

"This agreement will benefit both the rural radio stations of Utah and the UHSAA," Barton said. "Our agreement to not only cover the sporting event, but to publicize the event, will help attract larger crowds and please event organizers. It also means that radio stations will have fewer out-of-pocket expenses."

- Advertising rates vary from station to station, but one Salt Lake area station (of "average" size) charges $32 for 30-second commercials and $40 for 60-second ones. Thus, providing 40, 30-second commercials at a $32 rate means that a tournament may get as much as $1,280 worth of free publicity from each radio station that may broadcast a post-season tournament.

This potential advertising revenue loss is quite high, and only time will tell if stations will think such losses are worthwhile in view of the public service benefit that prep sports will receive, and/or the long-term benefits that the station may receive in terms of more listeners who like high school sports.

* KSL (AM-1160) will air a special "Deer Hunt Preview" tonight at 6:30 p.m. with host Chris Tunis.

The station will broadcast the TCU at BYU football game starting at 11:15 a.m. Saturday.

The Atlanta Falcons at Denver Broncos NFL game will air Sunday at 1:50 p.m.

* KLCY radio (FM-94.1) will be giving away expense-paid trips to London starting Monday.

Participants must listen for the designated English city the hour before telephones lines are opened and then be the correct caller with the city's name.

Prizes include air fare and hotels for two, courtesy of Murdock Travel Management. In addition, $1,000 in English pounds will also be awarded to winners.