A former University of Utah football player and another U. student arrested last July on drug charges were scheduled to enter guilty pleas, Friday but decided they wanted more time to make up their minds.

U.S. District Judge David Winder postponed Monday's trial date for Martell Black and Samuel A. Simmons until Oct. 24 and gave the two men until 10 a.m. Tuesday to decide what they want to do.Black is charged in nine counts and Simmons in four counts of a grand jury indictment alleging a drug distribution conspiracy. Winder noted that he'd been told each defendant was considering pleading guilty to two counts.

He stressed that neither defendant should feel any pressure from the court one way or another. "I couldn't care less whether you plead guilty unless you feel that that's in your best interests under the circumstances."

But he warned that he will grant no more trial postponements.

A second former U. football player, Darren Hughes, pleaded guilty to one count of cocaine distribution and was sentenced earlier this week to three years' probation by Judge David Sam.