Students at Davis High School will have to find another way to show their school pride, because school officials said they will abide by a school board decision to keep a block letter "D" off a local mountainside.

Last spring students raised about $4,000 to construct a permanent "D" on private mountain bench property in Fruit Heights. The Davis School Board, in a split decision, voted to keep such letters off of the mountainside, despite the fact they have long been traditions at area universities and high schools.The board, however, allowed the school to install a temporary string of lights in the shape of a "D" on the mountainside.

Davis High's new principal, Michael Duckworth, said it recently was decided it would be inappropriate for school officials and students to defy the board's decision.

"We are looking at it from the standpoint that it is a lesson that is necessary. It isn't right to circumvent the decisions of elected officials. I believe we can accept their decision and still do something helpful to the community," Duckworth said.

Among the options that student body officers may have to choose from would be renovating the school's marquee with a "D" motif. While students consider the options the money remains in a savings account drawing interest.

"We would like to join last year's and this year's student body officers together to help decide how to spend the money," Duckworth said, noting that the project was spearheaded by senior officers who graduated.

There has been little interest among the community in making "D" a private project. Local community clubs, including the Kaysville Jaycees, have lost interest in the project, Duckworth said.