An attorney hired to fight a custody battle between a polygamist family and the grandfather of six children sought in the dispute says he will question a state social worker's report concluding the home would provide an acceptable environment.

"It seems interesting to know why the state will not allow polygamists to serve as foster parents, yet they would go so far as to approve of a permanent adoption by polygamists," said St. George attorney Tim Anderson.The children of Vaughan Fischer and one of his wives, Brenda Johanson Thornton, range in age from 5 to 19 years. Brenda Thornton died of cancer in 1987.

Fischer and another wife, Sharane, want to adopt the children, but their efforts have been challenged by Brenda Thornton's father and sisters.

Chuck Sullivan of the State Department of Social Services conducted a home study, which is required by the state in all adoption cases, and interviewed the children during two home visits.