Meadow Gold Dairies Inc. cut the ribbon on its new processing plant Thursday morning and began two days of open house activities celebrating the move from its old processing plant at 1010 S. Main to the new facilities at 3730 W. 1820 South.

General Manager Anthony Ward said the new operation is among the most sophisticated milk processing plants in the Mountain West, featuring computer-aided processing, product routing and recording that provides output capability sufficient to handle projected market growth well into the 1990s.Ward said the Meadow Gold labor force is nearing 300 and works with more than 150 dairy producers in Utah.

Meadow Gold of Utah has been serving the state for 40 years, dating back to the original Arden's Meadow Gold Dairies. Ward said there has been a consistent improvement in dairy technology during those four decades.

In 1987, Meadow Gold acquired the new facility and began upgrading it to meet long-term needs. The plant will have output capability of 3.5 million gallons of product per month.