Eight Cache County children remained hospitalized Thursday for minor injuries suffered when a school bus left the road, jumped a canal and landed in a field.

Thirty-one elementary school children from Lewiston Elementary were injured in the Wednesday morning mishap. Some of the injured children were expected to be released from the Logan Regional Hospital later Thursday.Utah Highway Patrol Trooper Morty Jenkins said the bus driver, Ned Phelps, 51, was on his way to the school traveling about 40 mph on U-23 between Newton and Trenton.

"The only thing we have was that a small kindergarten student got up to tell the bus driver something," said Jenkins. "He was trying to get her to sit down when he realized his right front wheel was off the roadway."

Fearing the bus would roll over if he tried to pull it back on the pavement, the bus driver elected to take the bus off the road and into a field.

"He knew if he rolled it he would have more injuries than if he took the other route," said Jenkins. "And I think he was probably right."

The 88-passenger, 27,000-pound bus left the road, flew over a 30-foot-wide empty canal and landed in the field.

No citations have been issued, but the investigation is continuing.

Miraculously, the kindergarten student that was standing up at the time was not injured.

A nursing supervisor at Logan Regional Hospital said the eight still in the hospital were being treated for lung contusions, minor head injuries and fractures.

One student, Julie Gaualtier, 8, was transferred Wednesday night to Primary Children's Medical Center.

Other students who remained hospitalized overnight included: Wendy Newmeyer, 10; Brittney Haws, 8; Jason Bahsholtz, 8; Khristen Humphries, 5; Samuel Phelps,9; Ginger Petersen, 8; and Carrie Haws, 10. All were listed in stable condition Thursday.