Gov. Norm Bangerter has spent $836,000, Ted Wilson has spent $662,000 and Merrill Cook has spent $191,000 on their gubernatorial campaigns so far.

Bangerter's latest financial statement includes money raised and spent for political purposes during his four years as governor, so his total expenditure is more than Wilson's, who has been raising money less than a year.

In the past four months, Bangerter has raised $180,000 and Wilson has raised $255,000, the reports show.

As has been reported previously, most of Cook's money comes from his own business. Cook Associates Inc. has given the campaign $140,000. Cook lists that as a loan, but says the loan may well not be paid back. Cook's wife, Camille, has given the campaign $4,523.59. Cook's father and mother have donated $1,450.

Cook supports the tax-cutting initiatives that were put on the ballot by the Utah Tax Limitation Coalition. The coalition gave Cook $4,000.

In all, Cook has raised $202,000. He plans on spending $300,000 on the race. He says he won't spend more than $200,000 of his own money.

Both Wilson and Bangerter are pleased with their fund raising, although both campaigns said they've found raising money harder than expected. They both plan on raising and spending $1 million each.

Wilson has raised $667,874, and spent almost $300,000 on media.

Bangerter, including money raised over the last four years, has collected $851,661. He's spent $179,394 on media. Cook has spent $157,000 on media.

Some of the significant contributors to Bangerter's campaign include: $25,000, Word Perfect Corp.; $2,500, Utah Homebuilders PAC; and $5,000 each from Joe Cannon of Geneva Steel; Raymond Hixon, businessman; Micra-Tec Inc.; and UMPAC.

Bangerter is paying Republican activist Doug Bischoff $1,000 a month as a consultant and GOP lobbyist Doug Foxley $2,500 a month as a consultant.

Wilson has received $30,000 from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the main government employee union; $9,000 from the Utah State Democratic Party; $15,000 from the Democratic Governor's Association; $22,500 from the Utah Public Employees Association, the main state union; $10,000 from the Utah Education Association, the main teacher union; $2,500 from the United Steel Workers; $2,000 from U.S. West's PAC; $10,000 from the law firm of Giauque, Williams, Wilcox and Bendinger; $5,000 from developer Kem C. Gardner; $5,000 from Geneva Steel; $3,000 from Smith's Management Corp.; and $1,000 from UP&L's PAC. Wilson even got a $1,000 contribution from Laurence Tribe, the well-known Harvard Law School professor.

Wilson is paying Democratic Party Chairman Randy Horiuchi $1,000 a month as a consultant to his campaign.

Big Bucks?

Here's how much each candidate gas spent in Utah's governor race.

Cook $191,000

Bangerter $836,000

Wilson $662,000