WordPerfect Corp. based here is one of six software companies that have formed Business Software Association (BSA) to combat international software piracy, to promote strong intellectual property protection, and to reduce international trade barriers.

BSA has established offices in Washington, D.C., and appointed Douglas E. Phillips, a Washington attorney, as president. Phillips joins BSA from the law firm of Covington & Burling, where he specialized in international trade, arbitration and litigation.In addition to WordPerfect, the founding companies of BSA are Aldus Corp. of Seattle; Ashton-Tate Corp. of Torrance, Calif.; Autodesk Inc. of Sausalito, Calif.; Lotus Development Corp. of Cambridge, Mass.; and Microsoft Corp. of Redmond, Wash.

The companies said BSA will work to promote free and open world trade in legitimate business software. This will involve working with governments and law enforcement agencies, instituting private lawsuits, engaging in cooperative efforts with U.S. and foreign trade associations, and conducting educational programs.

BSA will also work with U.S. and foreign government officials to promote the enactment of strong intellectual property laws in countries where they do not exist and to increase access to foreign markets.

They said the organization is a response on the part of leading business software vendors to the increasing internationalization of the software industry and to the enormous losses the industry suffers from piracy and denial of market access.

A study by the U.S. International Trade Commission recently reported 1986 worldwide piracy losses by just 31 U.S. hardware and software firms of $4.1 billion. Total losses are undoubtedly much higher.

The board members of BSA are R. Duff Thomson of Word Perfect, Gwen Glessner of Aldus, Thomas T. Chan of Ashton-Tate, Christopher Record of Autodesk, Thomas M. Lemberg of Lotus, and David Curtis of Microsoft.

WordPerfect Corp. manufactures the world's best-selling word processing software. The privately held company writes software for the PC, Macintosh, Apple, VAX, Data General, Amiga, Atari and UNIX environments and is currently developing for OS/2 and IBM 370 main-frames.