Two Salt Lake County men have announced their candidacy for the District 8 legislative seat, while a former Bountiful mayor is a contender for a seat on the Davis Board of Education, Precinct 2.

* Sen. Fred W. Finlinson, R-Murray, has announced his bid for re-election to the District 8 seat he has held for 16 years."We have met many challenges in Utah government, but those facing us today are as great as at any time in the last century," he said. "I am committed to building a more healthy economy, providing for adequate education at all levels and preserving our unique way of life with respect for the individual, the outdoors and the future."

Finlinson serves as chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and has chaired several other major committees during his tenure in the Senate. He also served as Senate majority leader.

Finlinson is a member of the law firm Callister, Duncan and Nebeker where he specializes in water reclamation, flood prevention, electrical and geothermal power projects and winter sports development.

In addition to positions in national legislative organizations, Finlinson also serves on several local boards, including the Regional Law Enforcement Planning Council, the Wheeler Farm Advisory Board, the Salt Lake Winter Games Organizing Committee and the Utah Winter Games Feasibility Committee.

* Finlinson will be challenged by Democrat Al Richardson, food director at Salt Lake Community College, who has announced his candidacy for the District 8 seat.

"I am running for office because I am concerned about the rubber-stamp politics we have had to live with the past few years," he said. "My district continues to lose people because of fewer jobs and lack of interest in the environment in which we live."

Richardson has been a Midvale resident for 32 years. He worked as a food supervisor at the Utah State Prison for 25 years before taking a position with Salt Lake Valley Community College.

Richardson said he wants to work with District 8 residents to develop innovative ideas to help senior citizens retain their dignity and self-respect, and to help solve educational problems, drug and alcohol abuse and problems with home-lessness and vagrancy.

"I feel it is time someone took the reins and fought for better jobs and living conditions for our young people," he said, "a place they will be proud to go to school, work and bring up their families."

* Matt A. Galt, a longtime Davis County educator and former Bountiful mayor, has announced his candidacy for the Davis County School Board in Precinct 2.

Galt has been an educator in the Davis School District for 40 years and will retire as principal from Mueller Park Junior High on June 30.

He moved to Bountiful 35 years ago, and said he said he has seen many changes in the community and the school district since then. He has been active in civic and community for most of his adult life.

Galt served on the Board of Adjustment and as mayor of Bountiful. He also served on the Utah State Retirement Board for 24 years, nine years as president. He was appointed by four different governors. He has also worked with Little League baseball and in the Scouting program.

He has been principal of Bountiful Elementary, Centerville Junior, Millcreek Junior and Mueller Park Junior High. He taught in the Salt Lake City School District for three years.

Galt says he is aware of education problems and would be able to help with solutions.