A startled mother ran to the room of her 7 1/2-week-old daughter after hearing a crash and found the child showered with window glass and a 3-pound red-tailed hawk lying dead by her side.

Patricia DiMuccio says her daughter Jenna-Lee was crying furiously when she ran to her aid Wednesday morning, and had fragments of glass in her face and hair. The child was taken to Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, where she was treated and released."I saw her lying there with the bird in there with her," DiMuccio said. "And there was glass all over her, all over the playpen and all over the couch."

DiMuccio and her husband, Thomas, blamed the incident on the ever-growing state Central Landfill near their home. The landfill is the largest in New England, and Thomas DiMuccio said hawks circle it for rats and other prey.