Czechoslovakia's new premier, sworn in a day after the most sweeping leadership changes in 20 years, displayed less enthusiasm than his predecessor for reforms sweeping the Soviet Union.

Premier Ladislav Adamec was sworn in Wednesday along with his Cabinet. He replaces Lubomir Strougal, 64, who resigned Monday after 18 years as premier and also gave up his seat on the ruling Communist Party Politburo.President Gustav Husak, replaced as party chief in December by Milos Jakes, administered the oath. Husak had led the party since 1968, when Alexander Dubcek was ousted and his liberal "Prague Spring" cut short.

"We must carry out the program of restructuring," Adamec said in an acceptance speech, according to a report by the official news agency CTK. But he added: "We have no magic wand with which we could change things overnight."

Adamec's remarks appeared to confirm expectations that he would not have Strougal's enthusiasm for the "perestroika," or restructuring being promoted by Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev in his country.