The source of a 13-year-old prank in stained glass at the University of Washington in Seattle, has been uncovered: The architect did it.

University spokesman Tom Griffin says architect David Wright is responsible for a portrait of George Washington at the school's Health Sciences cafeteria that bears the inscription, "Num Me Vexo?"For non-Latin scholars, that means, "What, Me Worry?" And, yes, it was inspired by Alfred E. Neuman, the grinning, big-eared symbol of Mad magazine. Wright was the designer of the south campus center where the stained glass portrait of Washington hangs.

Griffin's research answered questions raised by a weekly newspaper story that called "Num Me Vexo?" the strangest Latin inscription in Seattle. Griffin said the inscription came about because students wanted a picture of a revolutionary there. Washington was selected and "Num Me Vexo?" was Wright's contribution. Wright said he was pleased his joke was finally discovered.