Davis County teachers will spend $20,000 to tell Utahns that education is in trouble.

Last week, Davis Education Association started airing ads on KSL and KSFI radio stations aimed at getting more funding for the state's education system. The association also will put up billboards and place pamphlets in local newspapers all with the theme "Invest in Utah's Schools," Kathie Bone, DEA president, said.The radio spots, which air three times a day, feature a school district employee, a junior high math teacher and Bone, an elementary school teacher.

While the ads won't address the tax-limitation initiatives, which the DEA opposes, the debate about them helps the association to run the ads before the November election.

"There appears to be developing an attitude that after the election the problems facing education will all be over. The bottom line is that even with the defeat of the tax initiatives we will be status quo," Bone said.

The ads hope to point out that Utah schools have average class sizes that are 6.5 students above the national average and that the per-pupil expenditure is $1,600 under the national average. Funding for the campaign is supported by teacher-association dues.