A recent survey of Utah State University Master of Business Administration graduates shows a majority of those polled found their first job in Utah.

Just under 55 percent of the MBA graduates from the program on the USU campus take initial employment in Utah, but nearly 90 percent from USU's program in Ogden get their first job in the state, according to survey results.The reason for the higher number from the Ogden program is that most of them are already employed in Utah when they get into the program and they keep their jobs while getting the advanced degree, said Dr. Paul Buller, head of USU's MBA program.

After working for a while, three percent of the responding graduates who started work in Utah took jobs out of state. Nearly 15 percent of the Ogden area graduates who worked in Utah at the time of the degree moved out of state.

"It appears that over time we are exporting some MBAs," says Buller.

Since Utah State's first MBA's graduated in 1961, 910 have completed the degree. Buller sent surveys to 593 graduates.

Sixty percent of the MBA graduates who returned the survey (130) are earning annual salaries of about $40,000. Nearly 34 percent make more than $50,000. Of the respondents graduating since 1984, the average starting salary was just over $29,000.

Buller says some upward mobility is indicated by the fact that only 28 percent of the respondents said they started work in upper or middle management but now 58 percent are in the middle or top levels of management.