Construction workers will soon begin working two shifts a day, six days a week on living quarters for 32 Soviet inspectors.

The inspectors came to Utah more than one year ago and have been commuting from an apartment complex in Salt Lake City to West Valley City where they keep an eye on the Hercules plant to make sure no strategic rocket motors banned by the INF treaty are either manufactured or transported from the plant.But Navy officials charged with arranging more permanent living accommodations recently selected a three-acre site in West Jordan where new living quarters will be under construction within a few days.

Paperwork for the building project has sailed through City Hall, and the Planning Commission gave its unanimous approval on preliminary site plans Wednesday evening.

Development Services Director Darrell Jones said contractors will have to work at a furious pace to get the buildings completed by March 24, the date set by the treaty on which the housing complex is to be ready for occupancy.