A west Kaysville man Tuesday threatened the City Council and attorney with a Singer-Swapp style standoff if the city attempts to inspect or make him clean up his property.

"You will have another Singer case on your hands," threatened Max Spatig. "The Constitution guarantees me the right to bear arms," he said as he walked out of the City Council chambers midway through a hearing.The council held the hearing to look into charges by neighbors that Spatig's property at 1034 Smith Lane is a public nuisance. Spatig attended the hearing and denied the charge.

"I'm not in violation of the ordinance. Let a court of law determine that," Spatig told the council. "You people make the laws; let the courts interpret the law.

"You can't hold a trial here in the City Council. All you can do is make the law. The courts have to interpret the law," Spatig said.

City Engineer Lee Cammack presented the council with photos he took of Spatig's property, showing what he said are numerous derelict vehicles along with trash and debris. Some of the vehicles are parked in the public right of way, Cammack said. They present a safety hazard to motorists and will block snow removal by city crews this winter.

City Attorney Glen Cella said he's been working with Spatig to try to informally solve the problem, but Spatig has resisted the overtures.

Following the procedures in the the city's public nuisance ordinance, Cella said Spatig has been served with a notice of violation and hearing by the council.

It is up to the council to rule if the property violates the ordinance, Cella said, presenting a series of pho-tos taken over the past couple of weeks. If the property is ruled in violation, Spatig can be ordered to clean it up, Cella said, or the city can do the job and file a lien against Spatig's property to cover the cost.

The council voted to table a decision until its Oct. 18 meeting so the council members can look at the property. Councilman Reed Adams said he inspected the property earlier in the day and favors declaring it a nuisance but will defer to the rest of the council for their own inspection.

"Drive by real quick," Adams advised them.