Joking that he will be lonesome without lawmakers, depositors and attorneys "beating up on me," Gov. Norm Bangerter signed a bill Tuesday that makes a settlement with depositors of five failed thrifts official.

The settlement, however, still must be approved by the 15,000 depositors and by 3rd District Court. The bill is effective in 60 days, meaning depositors could have money back by Christmas.The final compromise came after an all-day special session of the Legislature earlier this month. Essentially, the deal calls for the state to buy $15 million of the estimated $32 million in unliquidated thrift assets, sharing the money with depositors as assets are liquidated.

The state's insurance carrier will contribute $19 million to depositors, along with another $10 million from the state.

"This is something that needed to be taken care of," Bangerter said. "It isn't a perfect settlement, but it represents the interests of the state and of the depositors."