The federal government says Utah will receive only about $3 million of more than $180 million being made available to fund fish and wildlife restoration programs in the 50 states.

Utah's share will provide about $1.9 million in sport-fish restoration funds and $1.2 million for wildlife restoration.The programs are financed by hunters and anglers through federal excise taxes on sporting equipment such as firearms, ammunition and fishing tackle; import taxes on tackle and pleasure boats; and a percentage of motorboat fuel taxes.

Interior Secretary Donald Hodel, in announcing preliminary state apportionment of the federal funds, praised America's hunters and anglers.

"Without them, wildlife as we know it today simply would not exist," Hodel said. "The comeback of the wild turkey, the wood duck, native brook and cutthroat trout, and many other popular species can be tied directly to restoration work funded through these programs."

Distribution of sport fish restoration monies to the states is based on the land and water area and the number of fishing license holders. Wildlife funds are made available based on land area and hunting licenses sold.