Schoolchildren will have two days vacation this week as two teachers' unions, the 15,000-member Utah Education Association and the smaller American Federation of Teachers, hold annual conventions.

Ernest Boyer, president of the Carnegie Foundation, will be keynote speaker for the UEA's 127th annual convention Thursday and Friday in Symphony Hall.The foundation recently issued a "Report Card on School Reform," which showed Utah teachers with the second lowest morale in the nation, behind Arkansas. It also gave Utah low marks for community respect for teachers, teacher salaries, class size, parental support and textbooks.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ted Wilson, a former teacher who has the endorsement of the UEA, is scheduled to open the convention.

During the meeting, the Teacher of the Year Award and other awards will be presented.

Utah Teachers United, state affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers, will meet Thursday for "teacher professional day" at Bryant Junior High School.