Strips of hanging paint on the ceiling of the upstairs lecture hall are not the kinds of displays officials want in the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum, and those officials hope a planned benefit concert by Wladimir Jan Kochanski will help eliminate the signs of wear and tear surfacing in some older areas of the museum, 300 N. Main.

Eileen R. Dunyon, DUP president, said the museum needs maintenance work and that some of the pioneer artifacts on display could suffer if money for the work is not forthcoming."We receive no assistance from the state or any other group," said Dunyon. "We are hoping this concert will provide a cultural experience that will provide a dignified way for us to raise funds."

While the building is state-owned and cooperation from the state is good, Dunyon said that cooperation does not include monetary support and it is unlikely that state money could be attracted because of current state budget woes. She said DUP membership dues of $4.25 annually and the donations received from the 70,000 annual visitors has not kept up with the escalating costs of maintenance and supplies.

"We have carpet and paint that need replacing, and many of our display cases also need repair," Dunyon said. "There are many things we need to move ahead with but our funds are limited."

"We would welcome donations from private individuals or companies, that would be very helpful," she said.

The museum has recently added a more attractive sign in front of the building, and two interior doors have been reworked to match elaborate woodwork. Pianist Kochanski will perform in Symphony Hall on Nov. 19, 8 p.m. Tickets can be obtained from the DUP office at the museum.