A government representative of the People's Republic of China says his country's agriculture could greatly benefit by an exchange program with Brigham Young University farm experts.

Huang Huang, vice governor of the Jiangxi Province and deputy to the National People's Conference, made the comment after meeting with representatives of BYU's Ezra Taft Benson Agricultural and Food Institute.Huang acknowledged that China's farming techniques are not as scientifically advanced as those in the United States.

Following a visit to BYU's Spanish Fork farm Thursday, Huang said further cooperation between BYU and Jiangxi should be fostered.

"I have a great interest and enthusiasm in that prospect," he said.

A few years ago, the state of Utah and province of Jiangxi signed a sister state agreement, hoping to foster better relations and exchange.

A Chinese agricultural delegation of which Huang is a member also was visiting Utah to learn about advances in using ceramics for industrial and high technology. Jiangxi has some of the world's oldest kilns for porcelain manufacturing.