Two social service agencies, recently awarded major grants for AIDS education and prevention for Hispanics, have chosen "Le Dia de la Raza" (The Day of the People), Oct. 12, to launch their collaborative efforts.

The Institute of Human Resource Development, recently given a $150,000, three-year grant from the Office of Minority Health, will start an AIDS-education component to the home-based, family-oriented intervention program for 170 targeted families.The multifaceted program including youth clubs in the schools, street theater and community outreach, is supplemented by grants from several other local and national funding sources.

A similar program of the American Red Cross, funded by a $30,000, one-year grant made possible through the Utah Department of Health, will feature a speakers bureau that will distribute information and materials in both Spanish and English. It will also organize special activities at Hispanic-focused events, such as church and social gatherings.

The institute and Red Cross will combine their material, financial and human resources to ensure that all those at risk or potentially at risk for AIDS have access to those organizations' services.