To the editor:

It has been my privilege to serve as Insurance Commissioner for Utah under the Bangerter administration. In that capacity, I have had the opportunity to work closely with the governor.When involved in these kinds of endeavors, you see first hand what really goes on in state government. From my observation, the governor has performed admirably in meeting the difficult challenges that he has faced.

It is easy to second-guess anyone's decisions with the benefit of hindsight. It is tougher to make those decisions at the time they must be made and he has made those decisions not based on political expediency but based on what is best for the long term interest of the citizens of the state.

Economic conditions in Utah are improving. Spending in the state under his administration has been curtailed. His fiscal policies are conservative and sound. The governor has earned the right to serve another four years.

Harold C. Yancey

State Insurance Commissioner