The Salt Lake Board of Education has agreed that West High needs a new track at least comparable to those at other high schools, but it doesn't know when the track will be included in the district budget.

In a 4-2 vote, with one abstention, the board decided West should get a new track, but board members won't decide until later if they think additions should be made to the basic track that will bring it up to national and international standards. A community group, which says it will help raise money, wants a track-and-field facility that meets requirements for national and international events.District business administrator Gary Harmer said the current West track does not compare with ones at other high schools. It's shorter than other competitive tracks it takes five laps instead of four for a mile and because part of the track runs onto the football field, school officials have worried about injuries.

A new basic track will cost about $600,000, but there is only about $300,000 in the preliminary budget to pay for it. Harmer said the school district will have to sell some property before it will be able to construct the new track.