Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping has threatened to dismiss provincial leaders who ignore central orders in a bid to regain control of a nation slowly breaking into regional power centers, Chinese sources said Monday.

Deng's sternly worded warning came as part of an ongoing effort to put his troubled house in order and save the ambitious capitalist-style economic reforms he launched nearly a decade ago.The Communist Party's Central Committee last month announced a two-year economic plan that was geared to reduce China's worst inflation under communist rule and stamp out corruption by government and party officials who exploit an economy trapped between central planning and market freedom.

Chinese sources quoted Deng as warning in a speech to provincial party secretaries last month that they might be dismissed if they ignore Beijing's policy directives.

"The Central Committee has assigned power but it can also take back that power," Deng, 84, was quoted as saying.

The address by the communist leader has not been publicized, and details have been released only to state and party officials above vice ministerial rank.