Yoko Ono and her son will spend most of the next few years in Europe partly out of fear that a recent, unauthorized biography of her slain husband could set off a violent reaction, the New York Post reported today.

Her husband's assassin, Mark David Chapman, said he had decided to kill John Lennon in 1980 after reading an article about the former Beatle in a magazine, Ono said.

"The Esquire Magazine article in 1980 was a nasty one," she said before leaving for Switzerland. "We laughed it off at the time, but 45 days later, John was killed."

"Some people, such as Chapman, took it seriously, and he said in public that it actually made him do it," she said.

Ono said she does not think "The Lives of John Lennon" by Albert Goldman should be taken seriously "at all," and called the book a "vicious, inaccurate character assassination."