Two Salt Lake men who admitted holding a woman's hands and feet while another woman stabbed her 35 to 40 times in a fit of jealousy were sentenced to five years to life in prison Tuesday in 2nd District Court.

Albert E. Price Jr., 19, and Terry Burchett, 22, both pleaded guilty to attempted homicide charges in the Dec. 14 attack on Janet Terrazzas, 29, Ogden, who survived the ordeal.Price and Burchett were charged with attempted homicide and aggravated kidnapping, and pleaded guilty to the attempted homicidecharge in return for having the aggravated kidnapping charge, which carries a 5-, 10- or 15-year minimum mandatory prison sentence, dismissed.

After holding Terrazzas down while Troy Marie McCuen, 19, Salt Lake City, stabbed and slashed her in the throat, chest and stomach, Burchett and Price helped load Terrazzas in the trunk of McCuen's car, drove her to Davis County, and dumped her out in a West Bountiful field.

Terrazzas survived, crawling to a nearby house and banging on the door about 3 a.m. for help.

Judge Rodney S. Page told the two their involvement both puzzled and saddened him. Both have good family backgrounds, are high school graduates and have no significant prior criminal record, the judge said.

Although there are some unanswered questions about their exact roles in holding Terrazzas down while McCuen stabbed her, the judge said there is no question about what he called the cold-blooded manner in which the two helped load the severely injured woman into the car trunk and then threw her out in a field in the middle of a frigid winter night.

McCuen pleaded guilty to attempted homicide and aggravated kidnapping and was sentenced March 1 to concurrent five-year-to-life sentences. Page, noting what he called the extreme cruelty of McCuen's attack on Terrazzas, imposed a 10-year minimum mandatory sentence on the kidnapping charge.

McCuen is also serving a consecutive zero-to-five-year prison term for the theft of computer equipment from the Salt Lake County public defender's office.